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Pio Cesare

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Established in 1881, Pio Cesare, now run by fifth generation Pio Boffa, was one of the very first producers to believe in the potential and quality of the great wines of Piemonte and to export to the UK. A ceaseless devotion to the individuality of each of the region’s wines informs Pio Boffa’s choices in the vineyards and cellar. He applies a ‘minimal intervention’ philosophy to wine making, creating wines that year after year, are ranked among the world’s best wines.

Pio Cesare Food & Wine Writer

For regular wine columns/blogs. These can be restaurant reviews, so long as the content on wine is significant and considered. The objective is to award authors that celebrate both food and wine together, as equally important and complementary subjects.

– Fiona Beckett
– Nina Caplan
– Natasha Hughes
– Dan Keeling
– Sophie Menin
– Matt Walls

Rules of Entry

  • Entries must have been used for editorial or commercial purposes in a recognised publication or website between 11th April 2016 – 22nd March 2017.
  • The original publication language must be English. We regret we are unable to accept translations.
  • Please submit a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) entries using the digital entry process below.
  • The focus of content must be balanced between wine, including its gastronomic or culinary interaction with food, as well as food.
  • Entries will be scored out of ten for content and style.

2016 Shortlist & Winner 

  • Nina Caplan
  • Dave McIntyre
  • Lucy Shaw
  • Qin Xie
  • Food & wine writer

    Winner 2016

    Nina Caplan

  • Food & wine writer

    WINNER 2015

    Francis Percival

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